The Second Biennial Conference
on Cognitive Science

The Second Biennial Conference on Cognitive Science
June 9-13, 2006, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Russian Association for Cognitive Studies and the Cognitive Science Society invite submissions for The Second Biennial Conference on Cognitive Science organized by the St. Petersburg State University and the Government of St. Petersburg to be held on 9-13 June, 2006.

Our goal is to continue the multidisciplinary dialog started in Kazan in 2004 during the 1st Russian Conference on Cognitive Science. Topics of interest include cognition and its evolution, intellect, thinking, perception, consciousness, knowledge representation and acquisition, language as a means of cognition and communication, brain mechanisms of cognition, emotion and higher forms of behavior. Psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists, specialists in artificial intelligence and neuroinformatics, computer scientists, philosophers, anthropologists, as well as other researchers interested in interdisciplinary research on cognition, are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations.

The working languages of the conference will be Russian and English.

The conference program will include overview lectures by leading experts in cognitive science, round tables, oral papers, posters, and a special session for students and junior researchers. The invited speakers are Natalya Behtereva, Norbert Bischof, Doris Bischof-Koehler, Fergus Craik, Riitta Hari, Ray Jackendoff, Kenneth Hugdahl, Ronald W. Langacker, Michael Long, Inger Moen, Yury Natochin, Nancy Nersessian, Giacomo Rizzolatti, Mikko Sams, Dan Slobin, Leonard Talmy, Vladimir Zinchenko and others.

Download the Conference general sections program (last update: May, 23)

Download the Appendix - the workshops programs (last update: May, 23)

The list of the most important program changes is available here:

In addition to scheduled sessions, six special workshops are planned during the Conference:

Two 3-hour tutorials will be held:

  • Sydney M. Lamb (Rice University, USA): "The Anatomy of Language"
  • Leonid Perlovsky (US Air Force Research Lab): "Integrating Language and Cognition: New Results in Computational Intelligence".

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, and the Conference takes place in the prime time - the famous White Nights. A city tour, an excursion to the Hermitage and to Amber Room, and a night boat tour along the Neva-river will be organized.


DEADLINE: November 15, 2005


Boris M. Velichkovsky (Dresden University of Technology and Moscow State University), Chair.
Tatiana V. Chernigovskaya (St.-Petersburg State University), Co-Chair
Yury I. Alexandrov (Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences), Co-Chair
Denis N. Akhapkin (Institute of Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences), Secretary

Tatiana V. Chernigovskaya (St.-Petersburg State University).

Additional information on the conference is available by e-mail at:



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